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Our company roots entrench DALLENBACH•COLE ARCHITECTURE in a collaborative approach to the development in the built environment. Throughout his career, Jeffrey S. Dallenbach, our founder and managing partner had a dream of becoming a Master Builder. This dream became a reality in 2003 when Jeff collaborated with a small construction company to establish an Architect led design-build company – ARCHCON design-build. 

While designing buildings as an Architect, Jeff dove into the bidding, management, and accounting of Construction Projects. The result of gaining knowledge on both sides of the development industry was an in-house and collaborative approach with Architects and Contractor working together to best meet our Owner needs. Our concept related directly to the Architect role throughout history where projects were Architect led from concept through completion. 

Jeff gained control of the entire design-build company shortly thereafter and opened an Architecture firm, ARCHCON architecture, to parallel that of the design-build company. 

For years, successful buildings were completed in both companies with a Master Builder mentality with goals of exceeding our client expectations and developing repeat clients. The continued growth of our companies was established with a Hybrid Design-Build approach. This approach created a collaboration between Architect-Owner-Contractor where ARCHCON design-build and ARCHCON architecture merged to establish DALLENBACH•COLE ARCHITECTURE. In doing so, we focus on Architecture with an innate knowledge of the General Contractor role. The Teaming concept of Architect-Contractor involvement throughout projects results in meeting Owners needs in Cost-Quality-Schedule. 

DALLENBACH•COLE ARCHITECTURE completes projects in multiple delivery methods but our Hybrid Design-Build concept as Architects that know Construction is the wave of the future.

Founder and Managing Partner

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“DALLENBACH•COLE ARCHITECTURE is composed of a team that has full service knowledge and direct experience in both Architecture and Construction.”

Jeffrey S. Dallenbach, AIA

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